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Carry Minati Yalgaar Song Is out on YouTube

Social Influencer is one of the biggest professions of today. And when you do talk about stars on YouTube Carryminati would definitely be at the top of your list. This guy had already become a sensation with his roasting and online gaming live streams. But now he seems to have achieved even more fame with the release of Yalgaar.

Carryminati’s New Video Is out Now

This recently released video of Carry has left many wondering about the issues it address. People are predicting that it might be about his recent feud with Tik Tok Stars. Carry was involved in a huge verbal tussle with them where he openly criticized the platform for its duplicate content and vague videos. Eminent Tiktok Stars like Amir Siddiqui and Saifu attacked him verbally. To this, he released a video roasting them which was later taken down by sensor authorities.

Here Is Video Link Of Carry Minati Yalgaar Song

What Is the Content of the Video?

The world Yalgaar is an Urdu word which means to attack. It contains snippets from Carryminati’s most successful moments on YouTube. It also features some of his most liked videos and his most memorable one-liners. It is a sort of protest against the people who have tried to malign his reputation.

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Tribute to the fans

Carry has made this video as a tribute to the millions of fans that subscribe to his channel on YouTube. It is a sort of thank you note to those who have appreciated his work on social media.