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Cara Delevingne Reacts on Jaden Smith Instagram Just After Minutes of Posting

Jaden Smith is usually very active in his Instagram as he really follows the fact that there fans should know what he’s doing. He usually post a lot of photos. He recently posted a picture of himself in the mid of a desert. He was showing his muscles wearing a low waisted jeans and black boxers along with black tank t-shirt which was backless and showing his back muscles along with his triceps. The picture was taken at such angke that only his back portion was showing with a slight tilted face.

Up to now the picture has gotten almost 4 lakh 50 thousand liked and almost 1800 comments.

How Cara Delevingne responded to the post

Minutes after the post actress Cara Delevingne Commented on the picture with simple emoji having hearts in the eyes. That single comment got around 900 likes. Also another personalities comment was also seen and the person was Talia Jackson.

Cara started her career as a model and soon became a celebriry, she’s also a singer. She did some really good movies upto now. Both Jaden and Cara were co- stars in a movie ” Life in a year” In 2018. The movie was about a young man, 17 years old pledged to give his dying girlfriend an entire life in the year she has left. They share some intimate Kissing scenes and seem very comfortable with each other on the scene. Cara also shared a screen with Jade’s father will Smith

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It was also taken as both the actors are not only come stars as they are really comfortable with each other and had really fun at the set. Many wished them to even date but no particular news came about it, but the Cara’s comment made it seem life they a