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Captain Ashutosh Kumar Along With 3 Other Army Soldiers Lost Their Life in Jammu Kashmir

Terrorism is spreading like a wild fire in forest. Every new day we get to hear about our brave soldiers loosing their lives for protecting us from the people full of evil sin. Pakistan is trying to send as many possible terrorist in Indian territory but the winters as it will become horder to cross because of heavy snow falls. Recently 3 terrorist were found in the LOC region and shot to death by indian army.

Who actually seen on the spot of gun fires

Around 1 pm some suspicious activities were seen in the North kashmir michil sector, soon gun fires started between our soldiers and terrorist. In the end all Three were shit to death but sadly we lost 4 soldiers of our army including one BSF jawan. The during kept going fir continuously 3 hours and made 7 people cost their life including the terrorist. It was the biggest encounter since the april as last big was scenes in March- April.

Who Is Ashutosh Kumar Who Lost His Life Protecting the Motherland

As the old saying goes the biggest achievement for a person is to fight for his karm and for his motherland. India holds the second position in biggest army list. Ashutosh Kumar was one of them who bravely fought against terrorist. He was just 24 year old captain and belonged to 18 Madras regiment. In such a yuung age he lost list life to the terrorists.

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