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Candyman Spreads Widely : Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Cast and More

Horror movies have always been enticing and captivating for the audiences. They love to get frightened and thrilled at the prospect of seeing something terrifying on screen. From the annuls of the great horror movies of the past, comes Candyman. The movie first released in 1992 with some sequels in 1993 and 1995.

This time there is a sequel which will bring the trinity to a close. Director Jordan Peele will be in charge of making this movie a perfect tribute to the original one. With the fright and chills intact, it hopes to be every bit of the blockbuster it is predicted to be.

Candyman: What Is the Story About?

The storyline directly continues from the origin story. In the last movie we saw a shy child in Anthony McCoy hearing stuff about the deadly malevolent force in Candyman. In this one however, we will see Anthony grown up. He has become a popular visual artist in the neighborhood. Marrying Brianna, he moves into the Cabrini neighborhood in Chicago.

Since they are financially quite well off, they buy a spacious condo in which they live. However Anthony was aware of Candyman. A vicious murderer with a hook in place of an arm, can be summoned by calling him 5 times in the mirror. Anthony feels the presence of this dangerous force near him. As his career comes to a standstill, Candyman forces himself upon Anthony’s psyche.

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He goes around murdering people and collecting their arms as a sign of trophy. The only way in which Anthony can overcome his fear is by encountering this malevolent force and making him kneel to Anthony.

Casting List of Candyman Movie

Yahya Abdul Marteen will be starring in the role of Anthony McCoy. To give him company would be Teyonah Paris who would be playing the role of Brianna Cartwright, his wife. Other supporting actors in the crew members list would be actors like Colman Domingo and Nathan Stewart Jarrett.

Candyman : Release Date

The movie has drawn a lot of attention from the fans. It has released promotional materials on the social media websites on a continuous basis. Sketches and Illustrations of Candyman have littered the official Instagram pages of the movie. A release date has also been finalized by the production department of the movie. 25th September 2020 has been decided as the date of releasing the movie.