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Candyman: Cast, Plot, Release Date And Others Details You Should Know

Candyman is an American movie which is not released yet; the genre of the movie is supernatural powers. Basically it is a haunted movie.

The director of the movie is Nia DaCosta and the writer is Jordan Peele.

As you don’t know the candyman 2020 is the sequel of the Candyman movie which is released in 1992.

The movie is produced by Ian Cooper, Win Rosenfeld, and Jordan Peele.

The upcoming movie is going to be released on June 12th in 2020.

The plot of the movie: Candyman

The story of the movie revolves around an artist whose paintings are loved by every art lover. The name of the artist is Anthony McCoy.

The artist told the story of the Candyman and he said the Candyman and its story is the inspiration for him, his paintings are inspired by it.

But the story of the Candyman later take him to very bad condition, he has to face many deaths and many bad things in his life.

Now what he can do to save all this, let us see in this upcoming movie.

The Cast of the Movie: Candyman

  • Yahya Abdul Mateen in the role of Anathony McCoy, artist, is a haunt by a Candyman. The Candyman also kidnapped him and tries to kill him but Helen saved him.
  • Teyonath Parris is in the role of Brianna Cartwright, she is the girlfriend of Anathony.
  • Nathan Stewart-Jarrett in the role of Troy, she is the brother of Brianna
  • Colman Domingo in the role of William Burke, he is the man who told Anathony about the Candyman
  • Tony Todd in the role of Daniel or you can say Candyman, a spirit who kill people
  • Vanessa Estelle in the role of Anne, mother of Anthony
  • Rebecca Spence in the role of Finley
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Releasing Date of the Movie

The movie does not release date and creators announce its confirmed date and it is 12th of June in 2020. You have to wait a little more for your favorite movie.


The movie is about a character Candyman who killed people to tell about his existence and wants that people know about him, that he exists.