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Candy Crush Will Help You Pass Your Time in Quarantine

The most exciting video game which will help you to puzzle your mind and to let you come out of unwanted situations is quite enough to lift you up during this quarantine period. As we all know, nowadays our minds are equipped with the thought to get over this pandemic as soon as possible. This had taken our happiness, and now it has become to be taken much seriously. To come over this anxiety and to pass our time in this lockdown period, the best way to keep ourselves occupied with video games for which the best option would be Candy Crush for sure.

This game was released in the year 2012 on April 12 by King, and it is available on various platforms like Google Play, Windows Phone Store, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and on Amazon Appstore.

The Theme

This is basically a puzzle game in which we need to use our mind and swap the candies as per requirement in order to complete either a row or a column to bring the candies of the same shape and same colour.This will happen continuously for a specified number of time until a chain reaction of the candies isn’t created. For this, additional points will be awarded.

A special candy will be formed whenever four or more candies of the same pattern and belonging to the same colour will be paired. This will give bonus points to the user.

With Increasing Level, Increases Difficulty

Various levels are designed in the game, and as one moves to the next level, the difficulty level would increase. The levels should be completed in a particular sequence. Stars will be awarded to the player as per the performance and how much capable the player is in bringing the candies in a particular order to make the special ingredient. The player might run out of time, and for this, the current levels might get paused for a moment, but they can regenerate their lives and complete the current level before moving to the next level.

Each episode comprises of a total of 15 levels, and in each level, the player gets five lives, T, but all these five lives are lost if he fails a level. They can also take lives through social media, i.e. through Facebook. And in addition to this, if the player wants five new lives, certain dollar amount has to be paid.

The Characters

This game is quite interesting because of the effects that it contains and because of the character behind the onscreen voice. Easter Bunny plays the role of the shop owner. The two main characters include Jelly Queen and Cupcake Carl.

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