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Canceled Aliens: Hadley’s Hope Co-op Game Revealed by Developer Real Or Fake?

Aliens Hadley's Hope Co-op Game
Aliens Hadley's Hope Co-op Game

To be honestly canceling or calling off a movie or a video game that is expected by many is truly sad and leaves many with the feeling of deprivation.

The recent update on the much-awaited game, Aliens: Hadley’s Hope is really upsetting news to most of the video game lovers and fans who were expecting something huge from the house.

The Story Behind The Calling off Of Aliens: Hadley’s Hope Goes by;

It happened right after Disney, the giant acquired 21st Century Fox. The acquisition of 21st Century Fox took place in March 2019.

Since then a lot of movies and games which had been announced by 21st Century Fox got canceled including Wes Ball’s Mouse guard.

The Cancelled List after The Acquisition

Aliens Hadley's Hope Co-op Game
Aliens Hadley’s Hope Co-op Game

On the 24th of April 2019, Disney made the shocking revelation that the Mouse Guard has been canceled.

Some more films were added to the list including News Of The World whose rights were later picked up by Universal Pictures.

A much-awaited movie, from the Kingsman Franchise, A prequel to the Kingsman Series, The Great Game was also canceled.

Moreover, movies like On the Come Up, Fear Street, a remake of the West Side Story by Steven Spielberg also couldn’t make it and finally ended up in the canceled list.

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A bunch of other announcements was also made by Disney which includes several changes and intense rescheduling in release dates of various other movies.

Artemis Fowl, Spies In Disguise, As Astra were some of the movies.

The biggest was about Avatar 2, rescheduled to a new date, which will be released on Christmas of 2021.

The Story of Aliens: Hadley’s Hope

Aliens Hadley's Hope Co-op Game
Aliens Hadley’s Hope Co-op Game

Soon after the confirmation news came from the house, Fredrick Schreiber took to social media to reveal the plot and content of the game which was titled Aliens: Hadley’s Hope.

The plot is set on another planet, where there are 2 groups of people Colonialists and Marines who have to fight their way together on the planet as the Queen Alien will do anything to protect her eggs.

The multiplayer game counts on you and your mates and will you and your team be able to fight the Queen Alien and her swarm?

The creators even had plans to plant updates in the game every year on the basis of the reception from gamers all over the world.