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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 Update Size Is About 84GB

The hugely popular gaming franchise, Call of Duty has dropped it’s Season 4. But there is a piece of bad news for all the anticipated fans who have been waiting for the update for long. 

The season 4 patch is sized at a monstrous 30-45GB depending on your gaming console. The PC update is sized at 45GB, 32.375GB on PS4, and 44GB on Xbox One. 

84GB update on Xbox

But the update for the Xbox users comes with an added problem. The users are forced to download almost twice the size of the update as many Xbox users reported this problem on Twitter.

The furious fans soon started showing their outrage on Twitter, with many sharing their screenshots for the same. This led to ’84GB’ trending on Twitter worldwide.

Taking to the issue Activision responded and said that it’s looking into the issue and reported that its probably an error. Meanwhile many have already downloaded the update or are in the middle of the update.

It is not the first time that Call of Duty has rolled out an update so big. Despite these its an acceptable number for today’s gamers.

Future Updates Won’t Be Quite as Big

Infinity Ward had come under heavy pressure for increasing the game updates sizes now and then. To ease the burden the community manager of Infinity Ward, Ashton Williams said that Infinity Ward is reducing the overall disc space usage by compressing the game assets used in the Modern Warfare and Warzone. That is surely a relief to all the COD fans out there. It will no longer eat up your hard drive space and will only take an additional 4GB on consoles after the installation.

Ashton further shared an easy way to quickly free up some space on your consoles by doing a simple thing. They can uninstall the unnecessary content pack of the modes which are being not played at the moment. Later she added that Infinity Ward is “continuing to sweep all assets to make size reductions where we can, and also further optimise future patches for size.” So, at last, we could hope for small downloads of Modern Warfare in the future.

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