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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Everything You Need to Know

The best game in the series will be releasing on PS4. The Call Of Duty Modern Warfare remastered will be available for the fans from march 31 , 2020.The new version will obviously have something unique and different from the previous version.Though there is no exact time at which this will be released but it will probably at 6pm UK time.However, it is assumed that the players in germany will be able to access it as soon as it will be launched while others will have to wait to get it downloaded.

What’s New :

The new call of duty will feature the campaign mode,Classic ghost bundle from the underwater blasting team will be there in the new version, the fans will receive two weapon blueprints, a voice quip, a calling card and ghost emblem.All these new features were added to make it more attractive with improved animations, lighting and improved quality.It will surely master a new generation in HD.

Cost of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

The new call of duty remastered will probably have a budget price of 24.99 euro currency and it will be available in 46GB file.The players are waiting for the new version with utmost zeal.

It is said that Activision is trying to push the sale of call of duty remastered with Modern Warfare and Warzone¬† stating that if we buy remaster , then we will receive a bundle of items which will be used in Modern Warfare and Warzone and the same will happen vice-versa. So, let’s wait for the players to downloaded the latest call of duty and see their reaction.

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