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Call of Duty Film On a Hold Once Again

Call of Duty is ready to launch as per the writers. It is one of the popular game franchise. Call of Duty got first published in 2003 by Activision. It is a shooter series with 16 games. It has won seven titles for best selling games in the last many years.

In 2015, according to the news, Activision Studio would develop a cinematic universe based game franchise. The film got released in 2019. Firstly the story said Stefano Sollima would direct the movie. During an interview, Sollima said it would be a real movie. But later Joe Robert Cole wrote the sequel. However, from that time, the updates of the film are missing.

Four years have passed over

The project got delayed, and there is no occasional news about it. It has lost many release dates. The film has taken the theme of many different entries of Call of Duty; it would be different from the game itself.

The film has faced many interruptions and delays. The critics had a clue that it will be a cinematic universe film. Due to which many other studios have tried to do similar to it. It has been through different success levels. Marvel Cinematic Universe has worked for the same but had not gained much profit.

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COD fans are quite upset

The film is different, and it is a blessing and disguises both. In addition to the qualities, video game movie adaptations are still due. If we talk about the future of this movie, then it seems to be unlikely according to the present time. Fans are, however, still waiting for the video game entries.

According to the news, the project is on hold once again. It is terrible news for the fans once again. There is no release date, cast, and plot of the film yet revealed. Everything is on hold by the writers and creators. However, there is a hope that Activision is planning to expand the CoD universe. It does not represent the industrial priority of the company. But the movie is on a standstill for now.

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