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Cable Girls Season 2: Date of Release, Cast Details and Plot Analysis of this Popular Netflix Show

Netflix is responsible for a lot of period dramas in recent times.
Cable Girls is one of those, with an old fashioned setting and idealistic storyline. This Spanish Drama is winning admirers among a variety of age groups.

Release Date of Cable Girls Season 5

Last Installment of the show aired hit Netflix on 14th February 2020.
The next part will release by the end of the year.

Production and Advertising Department are not divulging any details about the exact release date.

Cast Details of Cable Girls Season 5

Directors have reaffirmed faith on the existing cast after positive reviews from all quarters.
Ana Polvorossa will star as the bubbly Sara Millan.
Other three actors will don the hats of the characters they played namely Lindia, Cartota and Marga.
No new additions will be made to the existing cast.

Plot Analysis of Cable Girls Season 5

Lives of four Spanish teenagers in the early 20th century is the background of the story.
Their conflicts, challenges, insinuations faced and moral journey makes the show a worthy watch.
Feudalism is one of the primary themes mingled with by the entire series.
Stay Tuned to this website for further updates regarding the series.

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