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Bungie Games : Destiny 3 Rumours, Development, Leaks and Other Details Updated

Destiny is one of the most streamed and downloaded game of all times. There are two versions of the game series that have been released so far. Both of them are super popular and played by game lovers. But fans are anticipating a third installment being added to the series from the game developers Bungie Games. And they might have hinted at the release of destiny 3. Read to Know More

Destiny 3 in the Process of Development?

The developers of the game series, Bungie Games released their 2020 plans for Destiny 2. In the announcement they also gave a little tease to the fans regarding a possible Destiny 3. The officials said that plan to remove some content from the game, to make it a smooth gameplay for the players and they promise to add some new content and feature to an updates Destiny 2.

Bungie Games are currently working on another gaming project titled Matter. There are no such reports about what kind of game it is going to be. They said that they aspire to be a multi – game studio by 2025.

So when can we expect the official announcement of Destiny 3? It is for sure that the game is no soon releasing 2022 , but the development for the game is underway according to reports.

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Rumours and Leaks

There is an anonymous account on the internet which is doing rounds for it’s reliable leaks about the games that are under development. This account has been given credit for leaking the updates and images regarding the game Forsaken, which wasn’t a big game at that time, but the leaks turned out to be true.

Here are all the information given by that account for destiny 2 updates:

  • Warlord can now be able to shoot laser beam from his hands.
  • Titan now can carry a giant fire axe.
  • Hunter is now given staff which will aid him in blocking bullets.
  • There are addition of 9 new subclasses and two new locations.

For Destiny 3, These Are the Information and Updates Leaked by the Account :

  • Just like it’s previous two parts, this will be multiplayer, online game.
  • Guardians would now have the ability to use darkness.
  • Never seen open world arena with PvP & PvE content.
  • It’s will be more hardcore and RPG based games.
  • 4 new planets to be launched and all the planets are from our solar system.