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Buckle up for the My Hero Academia Season 5: Know About the Release Date, Cast, Plot and Further Information

“My Hero Academia”, This is one of the anime which has proved to be a big hit. There are only 4 seasons out there but each one of them is good enough to make the fans to ask for more.

My Hero Academia Season 5: Anything New??

People were asking for quite a long time for Season 5 and it seems that the creators are taking their sweet time to make things their own way.

The last season announced the news of having a new season about a year ago and now they have sent a teaser which doesn’t really help much, just makes the fans feel better by giving them the hope of the fact that this is coming.

But, we still didn’t get any date of release. So maybe, 2021 or 2022 or maybe sometime else as they are just not interested in leaving some details out there.

With that being said the cast is going to remain same and maybe we will be able to see some new faces out there as we saw Deku Midoriya getting the training he from his UA Academy to make sure that he comes out better than ever.

What’s coming up in My Hero Academia Season 5: ?

So, let’s talk about what really is going to happen in the upcoming season. So, we saw the young heroes are trying their best to make sure that they become strong in training and with some new seniors to look up to they are going to go all out.

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And now that All for one’s prodigy has decided to go all out once again for his gang of villains it’s going to be a hell lot of action down there.

With that being said, we were also going to witness the awakening of Izuku “Deku” Midoriya as he will be more flexible with his powers and not going to land up as a busted pumpkin while using the power of “One for All”.