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Buckle up as Obsession Dark Desires Season 6 Approaches Soon: Release Date, Cast and Plot, Season 6 Is Ready to Grab People’s Attention

Televised Drama shows are always a source of great entertainment and passion for the fans. Thrillers are a very popular genre of TV series. Excitement, passion and crime- three important elements of any successful thriller. In recent times there has been a large number of such shows which fits the bill adequately.

However one such show which has grabbed the attention of the audience by the throat is Obsession Dark Desires.

In total, 5 seasons of the show were released previously. Latest season aired in December 2019 and continued till January 2020. Since then the fans have been keen to know when the sixth season for the show is slated to release.

Obsession Dark Desires Season 6: Plot

The series majorly focuses on the theme of the harm that any obsessive disorder can do in human beings. When we love something dearly, there is a disadvantageous side to our affection. When our love rejects rationality for someone or something, it becomes obsession which is a parasite. At that point human brain works on pure emotion and instinct. They forget to think with their brain, and thus leading to disastrous consequences. In this documentary series we see how women are victimized and harassed by stalkers. We see the story of Savannah, a single mother.

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When she moves into a neighborhood, she becomes friends with a neighbor. That neighbor itself, develops sexual affection for her. The story of Katrina will deal with the over possessive male behavior. Consequence is that the victim is charged with a false case. She is then sent to prison. Every season is a collection of 6 stories in human life told by the narrator.

Obsession Dark Desires Season 6: Cast Members

No updates is still available about who will be the casting members of the show. Each season presents different and new set of actors. There is hardly any actor who reprises their previous roles. Ian Porter, was the only one who kept his role of the narrator. But this only happened for only a couple seasons.

Obsession Dark Desires Season 6: Release Date

Season 6 of the show is about to release around December 2020. Trailer is yet to be launched for the show. Thus before the announcement of trailer, no updates are available about the exact date of the release.