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Brutal Sci-Fi At Netflix: Altered Carbon Is Struggling With Problems In Season 2

Brutal Sci-Fi At Netflix: Altered Carbon Is Struggling With Problems In Season 2

As of today, the painfully long-awaited second season of Altered Carbon is available on Netflix. The eternal wait for us sci-fi fans has finally come to an end: Altered Carbon – The immortality program is back, with its second season, new actors, familiar fan favourites and on top of that a new location. Production dragged on, the trailers looked promising, and expectations rose to unhealthy heights in two years.

Season 2 of Altered Carbon feels like a homecoming:

We enter a dark, dirty, futuristic bar with a live singer who creates the atmosphere in a deep, rough voice. A hearty shootout follows, complete with a bounty hunter ( Simone Missick ), a confused Poe ( Chris Conner ) and Takeshi Kovacs in an unexpected body sleeve. The tone fits.

Shortly thereafter, Kovacs wakes up in his chic Anthony Mackie sleeve with spliced ​​Wolf DNA as a bonus. After overcoming the resulting Jupiter Ascending flashback, we follow Mackie-Kovacs to a new planet: Harlan’s World. As in season one, we’re thrown into a tangled web of intrigue, confusion, and murder. Kovacs is hired to protect a super-rich meth, in exchange to find out the location of his beloved source.

Newcomers in altered carbon: wonderfully hated and excitingly ambitious

Altered Carbon has a whole bunch of new characters in season 2. These range from complex to wonderfully trashy-disgusting. Because even if a pink-red veil of nostalgia lies over season 1 after two years: the series could also come across as a bit fluffy in terms of oneliner and pathos.

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Representative of this is the latest hate object in the series, Colonel Ivan Carrera ( Torben Liebrecht ). But his caustic villainy does not detract from his entertainment. The stoic governor Danica Harlan ( Lela Loren ), who propagates peace but loves blood and games, and Poe’s new AI friend Dig 301 ( Dina Shihabi ) are more changeable.