Bruce Perreault evacuated from the game

Bruce Perreault evacuated from the game

From the very start of Survivor 44, we knew that some shocking stuff could be coming. Little did we know that Bruce Perreault would be in danger in the very first challenge.

What happened here just seems to be the case of bad luck — getting hurt almost right away and then bleeding profusely. It was clear from the editing alone that something was wrong, and Jeff Probst called over medical as soon as he knelt down on the ground. This can be a brutal game, and it certainly was for him almost right away.

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The good news was that after that challenge, Bruce was deemed okay and was able to continue on in the game. That changed after he eventually went back to the Tika camp. He seemed to be doing okay until he wasn’t, and Jeff Probst showed up at this point. Bruce was gone from the game before even the second day of the game. You go through SO much to be on a show like this, taking on a months-long application process and also traveling halfway around the world. To be gone from the game before even attending Tribal Council is an incredibly hard thing to manage.

Tika vowed on the other side of this that they would move forward in the game and try to win it for him, and we do hope that they can! The problem is that they are now down a strong, smart player who seemed to have some legitimate leadership skills. These are things that you need in a game like this when things get tough and you start to face a significant amount of adversity. It’s even harder to lose someone so early on when there are three tribes of six and with that, there’s nowhere for anyone to hide. Players could be exposed at any given moment.

What did you think overall about the events of the Survivor 44 premiere?

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