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Britain Ignoring Lockdown: Recent Researces Show That People Are Roaming Outside, Searching for Directions

Well, It seems that the people of Britain have decided that they are not going to get scared anymore from the pandemic.

As there have been a lot of people who are just roaming around especially in cities like Swansea and Bristol as without a doubt a total of 130 stores have decided to open up.

Precautions by Govt.

And in the meanwhile, People are also going out with family and friends in public parks to have a sunbath in London and the ice cream stands are filled in Hove.

The Yorkshire police have revealed that around half of the stores which were there were warned to shut down their stores as tourists are going to the beauty stores and other stores too.

And since people are going outside after they were able to witness the public was gathering in big numbers just to take the sunlight. The traffic was lowered by 59% but in the last week, it was increased by 3%.

The latest technologies have revealed that the people of Britain have been going out more frequently and almost 8% increase in the population who were outside was shown.

Even though, the government has only allowed public movement when someone needs medical assistance or if they need to go to work and to practice one form of exercise.

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What’s Happening?

There are certain researchers who have confirmed that if the movement remained like that then the numbers of infected people will be increased but it seems that the police is unable to do anything as there are mix messages have been given by the government to the mass.

And there were police chiefs also who are unable to make the population understand that whether they should be there or not. The stores are also something which has become hard to shut down as they need to ask and verify every time whether the store is important for the mass or not.