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Brian Austin Confirms Wife Megan Fox Will No Longer Be Together

Are Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Separated?

Yes, the news is confirmed is that Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox separated form each other. Brian Austin Green, a Hollywood star, married with Megan Fox in the year 2010. After 10 years, they took the decision of leaving each other. However, this couple has three children. They are Noah, Bodhi, and Journey. Noah is seven years old, Bodhi is six years old and Journey is three years old. Although this couple separated, their total focus is on their children.

What Did Brian Austin Green Say About Separation?

Brain Austin Green said that he will always love Megan Fox, even they separated. Further, he stated that his wife, named, Megan Fox will also love him as she loved earlier. Again, he told that he and his wife will be good friends and take care of their children. In 10 years, they built a very good and cool family. Brain Austin Green did not want to loose the comfort of his children. Further, he added that he and his wife will take their children on holidays, picnics and will focus more on children.

Brian Austin Green said that when his wife went out of the US for the production of a film, named, Midnight in the Switchgrass”, she felt very comfortable without Green. Further, he said, she wanted to live a life alone and enjoy comfort. Brain Austin Green said he was shocked and felt sad after listening to his wife’s words. Again, he added that the relationship between him and Megan was very amazing and honest. They were 10 years together sharing a bond of love. Before their marriage, the couple dated each other for six years. It has been a total of 16 years they know each other.

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Who Are Brain Austin Green and Megan Fox?

Brain Austin Green is a famous and notable American actor. He is also a producer. Green worked in many American television series and movies. He is very well-known for the role of David Silver in the famous series Beverly Hills, 90210. Green also worked in other series, namely, Freddie, Wedding Band, Anger Management, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Megan Fox is an American actress. She is also a model. Megan started her career in the year 2001 and played a role in many television series and movies. She made a remarkable place in the Hollywood industry. She is a very famous and notable actress. Megan was nominated for a total of 30 awards and won 10 out of 30. Megan Fox achieved success in a very young age.