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Breonna Taylor’s Justice Fund Got 100,000 Donation From Doja Cat

Doja Cat donating money for a noble cause.

Yes, the artist who is a Jewish and South African descent has announced that she has donated $1,00,000 to Breonna Taylor’s Justice Fund to honor the life of Breonna Taylor. She was an ER technician who was killed by a police officer by a shot in March. She was shot by Louisville Metro Police Department officers eight times on March 13. The cops entered her house with a knock warrant, which permitted them to enter without any warning or identifying themselves.

The announcement for the donation came on Sunday, 6th June. That is a fund specially set up to honor Taylor in celebration of her 27th birthday. She also left a very heartwarming and sweet comment on her social media handle (Instagram). And also urged and invited all her family, colleagues, friends, and fans to celebrate and honor her. She asked to donate whatever they can in any of the foundations helping to bring justice and change.

She also came into limelight when she was called for her racist video chats and a hashtag #DojaCatlsOverParty on Twitter went viral. The singer was seen apologizing for her song that induced any kind of racist views. But completely denied her involvement in any kind of racist conversations in online chat rooms.

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She said that she used the public chat rooms to socialize since childhood. Although she accepts that she should not have been on some of those chat rooms. But opposed her connection with any of those racist conversations. She was also called off for making fun of the death of Sandra Bland in one of her songs.

Her donation of this $1,00,000 came after a couple of weeks of this accusation. She also apologized for hurting anyone’s sentiments and realized that she makes a huge impact on her fans, and she highly influences many people.

The artist was thankful for all the love and support that she has received from her fans to date and promises to continue the good work and support all kinds of people without any kind of racism or discrimination.
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