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Breaking Bad Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Story and When It Will Be Available on Netflix ?

Breaking Bad is by far one of the most loved and praised series ever having probably the highest IMDb yet which is 9.5. Omg! Unbelievable isn’t it. But this is how amazing and thrilling this series was. It was aired during 2008-2013 had a total of 5 seasons and a total of 62 episodes.

The series mainly revolves around the main character Walter White who is a chemistry teacher and discovers about his cancer and doesn’t have money to pay his medical debts. So, he decided to enter into a meth-making business to repay his debts. The series ended in its 5th season when the main character Walter White dies.

When Is the Release Date of Breaking Bad Season 6?

There’s been a lot of hoax and rumors about the next season of the show and why not? This series is full of thrill, crime, tragedy, dark comedy, etc. You name it, you get it. But as for now, there has been no confirmation from the production or the cast of the show for the next season. The amazing success of the movie El Camino has hinted that the makers might come up with a whole another season of the show. Until then, if rumors are to be believed then season 6 will be released sometime in late 2021 because of the whole COVID-19 pandemic. But, never say never, hope the season comes out soon.

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Breaking Bad Season 6: Cast of the Show

The show will not feature Bryan Cranston’s Walter White, as he died at the end of season 5. But after this, his 2nd main character made a movie El Camino with Netflix. So, it is mainly expected that Aaron Paul who was Jesse Pinkman in the show will be the main character for season 6. It is also expected that Walter White Jr. and his spouse Skyler White will be permanent supporting characters of the show.

Breaking Bad Season 6: Expected Plot and Theories

It is anticipated that a lot of details will be out once the shooting progress of the season gets confirmed. According to the whistle-blower and the rumors it is expected that season 6 of Breaking Bad will basically focus on the hidden money of White Walter and will also revolve around the return of Jesse Pinkman. Unlike the previous season, the upcoming season will have Jesse Pinkman as the main lead character and will toil to retrieve the drug market in Albuquerque. Also, let’s wait for the trailer of the show before speculating and surely stay hooked to find out more about it.