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Brain behind Good omens season 2 lets get to the news

Good omens is a tiny series originated from 1990 novel with the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. He is one who is into writing novels related to unseen spiritual world or world of fantasy. Total six episodes were released for season 1 on May 31st 2019. Basically, it’s the story about angel and demon trying to battle up on earth. Amazon prime in collaboration with BBC came up with the series “GOOD OMENS”.

Season one story line

Here we go with the Adam average kid on earth with power of hell but unaware of it nor his father knew than enter the other two main character of play angle and demon on earth in search of Adam and its power. The time Adam realise about his powers its most difficult time for him to handle it and the original king of hell is Lucifer who also comes in the end episode of the series.
Basically this series is similar to the other Netflix series Lucifer and both the stories GOOD OMENS and LUCIFER are based on bible and mainly describe the part of demon and angle stories and for some means of work they come on earth were they fall for human on one side and other hand they knew it’s not their home and whatever decisions will be taken on earth are under the pre-planned process of god .
But is it’s one of the comedy battle stories of the angel and demon once you start watching it will make you fall in love with the series.

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Is season two going to come?

It is difficult to say that season two will be released or not but according to the latest update due to audience demand GOOD OMENS might come up with season two very soon but not with the same base line .