Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie’s Ex Bodyguard Commented on Kidnapping of There Kids

Ex bodyguard Billy billingham spoke about his experience with angelina and Brad. He said he was surprised by there time management as they had always time for important things and for there kids. He added ” I learned a lot from them and they learned a lot from me, the beauty of working together was the Mutual respect “.

What was the biggest concern of Angelina and Brad

The couple went through a really tragic experience, it was about kidnapping of there children. Billy mentioned that the biggest concern for them was their kids and their safety. After that they were really worried about who goes next to there kids. It was all about money he added.

What’s the Story of Two Personalities of Hollywood

The couple first fell for each other on the shooting of Mr and Mrs Smith in 2004 . At that time Brad was married to Jennifer but he developed feelings for Angelina and who would not . Brad took divorce from Jennifer in 2006 and at the same time Angelina was pregnant with his child. In the year 2012 the couple got engaged and married in the year 2014. They had 6 children in total and they adopted from different places and showed what a real parenting is. Sadly the couple got divorced in 2016 and they are still fighting for there custody.

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In an interview Angelina said that she divorced Brad for the sake of their children. She didn’t Want to go through all the things that media shows about them and what the public think about them. She added ” It was the right decision and I will continue to focus on their healing “.