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Boruto Chapter 48 Release Date, Watch Online and Spoilers

The series, Boruto is a Japanese animated Manga television series. Ukyo Kodachi is the writer of this series. However, the series, the Boruto is the sequel of the series, the Naruto. Masashi Kishimoto is the writer of the series, the Naruto. However, the series, the Naruto revolves around the story of the Naruto Uzumaki. While the Boruto series includes the story of the Naruto’s son, the Boruto Uzumaki. The prequel of the Boruto gained much fame and popularity. All the previous chapters of this series, named, Boruto also gained millions of viewers.

What Is the Release Date of Chapter 48 of the Series, Boruto?

Chapter 48 of the series, the Boruto, will release on July 20, 2020. As a result, the fans are very excitedly waiting to watch chapter 48 of the Boruto. However, chapter 47 of this series became very popular and it gained millions of viewers. Chapter 47 of this series exposed all the mysteries of the Kashin Koji and the Jigen. The Jigen is the leader of Kara. However, chapter 48 will unveil the additional secrets and will take an exciting twist. Chapter 47 released this month, that is, on June 18, 2020.

Fans Can Read the Story of the Series, the Boruto Online:

The fans are able to read the story of chapter 48 from the official Shonen Jumps and the Manga Plus applications, or the websites. However, the plot of each chapter spoiled two or three before its release date. So, fans can know the storyline two to three days earlier. But, chapter 48 will release in the original Japanese language. It may take some time to release in the English language.

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What Will Be the Plot of Chapter 48 of the Series, the Boruto?

As the fans can read the plot online, the story of chapter 48 of this series is out. Fans can expect in chapter 48 that the Boruto’s father, the Naruto will save the Kashin Koji. When the Naruto realizes that the Kashin Koji is the duplicate of Jiraiya, he will speed to save him. Also, the character named, Amado includes the DNA of Kashin Koji. So, he will save the Kashin’s life. Later, the character, the Isshiki will move to the hamlet, named, the Konoha.

In chapter 47, the fans saw that the Kashin Koji revealed as Jiraiya. The cast named, the Sasuke cut the arms of Kawai, because the Kawai tried to use the powers. However, the Isshiki took the body of Jigen and started fighting against the Kasin Koji. Ishhiki tried to kill Koji. So, chapter 48 will include whether the Koji dies or remains alive.