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Borris Johnson wife Carrie symonds having symptoms of Covid 19

Boris Johnson’s fiancee Carrie Symonds is suffering from symptoms of coronavirus, and she is six months pregnant.

Nothing could be more worrying for a woman having symptoms of coronavirus with a six month’s baby in her womb.

Condition of Boris Johnson

The UK’s prime minister Boris Johnson was suffering from coronavirus and had spent his last night in the intensive care unit of St Thomas’ Hospital, as he was having some respiration problems, and his health began to deteriorate. He had a very high temperature.

He is 55 years old and has been confirmed for coronavirus 11 days ago. As soon as he was confirmed for coronavirus, he was admitted to the hospital.

Is Corrie symond fine now?

He is not even allowed to see her fiance in her condition of first pregnancy, as she has to take precautions against COVID-19 also. As she spent her last week in bed, completely in isolation as she was struggling with main coronavirus symptoms, but now she is totally fine. She even doesn’t need for a test as she was feeling good.

She isolated her from her family, friends, and her fianceas pregnancy can affect the immune system so a pregnant woman is more likely to be caught by the viruses, but no evidence has been seen till now that pregnant women are more easy prey of coronavirus.

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With the current situation, it is uncertain when the couple will be able to meet.

According to Ms. Purnell, the strong desire within Mr. Johnson to lead the country has led him into this state. He is the prime minister for eight months. If he was not the prime minister, then he must also be saving himself from COVID-19 rather than serving the country.

But this is a very difficult time for Boris Johnson and his fiancee, but they have to keep patience until everything doesn’t seem to be fine.

Stay tuned for more updates.