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Bored! at Home Learn How You Can Make Face Mask

As most of the people in the world are running out of options regarding what to do during this quarantine period and are getting bored in their house, you can learn in this free time regarding how to make a face mask. As the whole world is facing a shortage of face mask and is importing it from other countries. Even in a country like America members of the public have been warned against buying their own masks for protection by American officials and the surgeon general as there is a shortage of face mask for the healthcare worker.

Is the face mask effective:

Face mask for protection against the pandemic is a good idea if a sufficient amount of mask is present. In fact, many studies have shown that the face mask is a better alternative to hand-washing, social-distancing in order to stop the spread of the virus. Health official of China, Hong Kong and Singapore have suggested that people should wear a mask if they are symptomatic or they are in a crowded place. Studies have shown that mask reduces the spread of infection in households and shared living places.

How you can prepare a mask at your home:

  1. The items required are scissors, sewing supplies, a breathable and a tightly woven cotton fabric and sanitise and wash it properly.
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2. Now as shown in the above figure four-piece of fabric. Now take any two pieces and sew the curved side together this will act as front of the mask and then take other two do the same it will act as the backside of mask.

3. Now place the mask on the table and take the ribbon and place them on the corner of the mask with the ends slightly peaking over the edges and sew the ribbon. Now place the other mask on top of it such that ribbon is sandwiched between the mask. Now sew the two mask together leaving the right side unsew.

4. Now reverse the mask and sew the remaining gaps the mask is ready.