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“Bojack Horseman season 6” to be released soon on netflix know about cast, plot and season 7

Bojack is all set to be back for a sixth and final season which seems that once again, we are going to meet the satiric anti-hero who is the only protagonist we have.

“Bojack Horseman”, it’s a series which was really weird even for the critics as the series was basically a kind of hit and run. The horse who is just negative in every possible way with the most satiric sense.


This one is the last and they have decided to release the series in two parts where the first part is going to be released on Friday, 25 October 2019 and the second part is going to be released by 31st January 2020.

In the season, Bojack is now a professor for Wesleyan College and teaching acting with Hollyhock and in the last season, we have seen that Bojack almost killed his girlfriend Gina for which now, he is in a rehab clinic and with that thing are turning out for good for other members of the series like Princess is all set to have a child and Mr Peanut Butter is going to propose to his young girlfriend. So, A lot is going to be good.

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The story is set up around a world where humans and animals live together in the same society with members who have lives miserable enough to make you think you are the happiest person on earth but the series is a real catch just for that reason.


As the series is covered with people who need help mentally and for that we have Bojack Horseman who is far sadder than them but the whole thing works the other way and yeah! Bojack also remains the host of his show and tells his story in his own way.

So, that’s the case of the whole series and even though it’s the last time we are going to hear from Bojack but people hold your patience while you watch the show to make sure that there is a lot waiting for you as our anti-hero is somehow on his journey to become a hero.