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Boats Sinks in Lake Travis Texas

We have come to know that a miss-happening has taken place in a lake of US state of Texas. Several boats have sunk in the lake while a parade was being organised to support president Donald Trump in the upcoming elections in November.

It has been known that the cause of choppy water was most probably because of the huge countless vessels moving together In lake Travis of Texas, says Austin. The event was organised by supporters or President Trump on lake Travis and there were 2600 people who attended the event. This was a political rally which took place at the lake, people brought their flags, posters which said ‘Trump 2020’. This event was kept considering the upcoming elections in US state.

However, there are currently no news about injuries. No injuries has been reported yet.

Authorities said that various boats were present today and when all the boats began to move together, it created significant waves.

This incident took place around 12:00 (17:00 GMT) on Saturday. The event page said that boats were asked to drive at the speed of 10mph (16km/hr).

According to the National Weather service, it has been known that there were no stroms at the time of event.

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The actual cause is under investigation yet, said Dark. He also said that there are no reasons to suspect foul play in this event. Many people appreciated the efforts taken for president but felt sad when they got to know about this incident.