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Bloodborne: Is the Popular PS4 Exclusive Coming out on PC?

Dark Souls, one of the most popular games, made its way into people’s hearts by destroying them. A game so hard that people loved and hated at the same time. For PlayStation, an exclusive came out in 2015 and it was called Bloodborne. This game became really popular as soon as it was released. Not everyone knows about it but it did become very famous. However, there is some good news for the fans. This game might come out on PC too.

What is Bloodborne?

I described it enough when this game was compared to Dark Souls. But here goes, Bloodborne is an role-playing game filled with a ton of action, DEADLY ACTION. It was developed by FromSoftware. Hidetaka Miyazaki and Jun Ito were the two very important people behind the game. It released as a PS4 exclusive on 24th March 2015. The game received a very positive response by the fans and critics. There was an expansion released for the game in Nov 2015.

How is the gameplay?

Bloodborne’s gameplay has already been described by me in two words. The game allows people to explore a semi open world and fight the beings that walk over it. There are mysteries waiting to be found and bosses to be killed. The level of design for the game was called out to be really good. Besides that, the difficulty, this is the good thing I have been emphasizing all over this article. It depends on you whether you want it to be really hard or hard.

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Even though they had some problems at the time of the release, they did fix it in the updates without wasting much time.

Is it coming on PC?

For the past couple of days, some rumours have been going around the internet saying that the game will be out for PC. However, FromSoftware promoted the game as a PlayStation exclusive from the start. It could run on PC if they are actually going through with the development. If it comes out on PC, it could turn out to be really successful.

In just one year, the game had already sold more than 2 million copies of it. It now has a good fanbase and people trying new things even now.