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Blake Lively Met Gala Dress Matches the Carpet

The met Gala have postponed this time obviously because of the coronavirus pandemic but Blake lively revealed something that people would have never noticed if she didn’t tell them. All the celebrities are really nostalgic differently because they would have been at met Gala at this time.

So on Instagram, Blake lively posted in multiple images and showed her audience how her met Gala gowns have always matched the carpets of the Great event. And it is really a very amazing coincidence that how she has matched the colour every year.


More Details About the Amazing Coincidence

In 2016 she was wearing a pink and red dress that was completely and totally matching with the carpet of the event.

In next year that is 2017 she was wearing a account which was perfectly matching with the carpet of blue colour.

And then in 2018 the carpet was perfectly going with her outfit and seemed as if it was made for her gown only.

Reaction of the Fans

People were completely shocked that they never noticed this and it was an outstanding coincidence.

This thing was happening from 4 years and not a single person observed this.
Some people said that this is not a coincidence because coincidence cannot happen in consecutive four years but some people believe that this is totally a coincidence and nobody could have done this better than Blake lively.

Not only the fans but Gigi Hadid  also commented on her post that “how far in advance do you have to tell anna what colour to make the carpet?”

Along with this Cazzie David wrote “did you do this only for the insta slide four years later cause if so I would understand.”

This coincidence was really beautiful and was admirable by fans as well as celebrities.

Blake Lively’s Reviews

Blake lively his her own stylish and she gets ready for the met Gala on her own and her designer helps in choosing dresses. She said that this is a really difficult task because like most of the people, she has to choose a dress to wear in which she would be looking extraordinary.

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