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Blacklist season 8 : Everything you should know

Blacklist is An American crime thriller TV series aired on NBC.

First season of Blacklist aired on September 23, 2013 while on 22 sept. 2014 second season went on air. On October 1, 2015 third season released on NBC. Fourth season premiered on September 22,2016 while Fifth om27 September 2017. Sixth season of black aired on January 3 2019 and lm October 4 2019,the seventh was aired.

When will season 8 release ?

Producers or makers have not yet announced the official date of the release of season 8. All seasons of The blacklist Aires in September or October but sixth season. Sixth season was aired in January. So we can guess either in September 2020 or October.

Is there trailer of season 8 ?

The announcement about the season 8 is just been made. Hence No trailer of the upcoming season has been released. And hence there is not a single hint about the plot of the season.

What will be the cast of season 8 ?

James Spader will play The Red. Megan Boone will play Elizabeth Keen while Diego Klattenhoff will be playing Donald Ressler. We will see Harry Lennox as Harold Cooper , Amir Arison As Aram Mojtabai , Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma and Laila Robins as Katarina Rostova. Many of the more characters will be coming back in season 8.

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What will be the plot of season 8 ?

The show is about Raymond Reddington, The former U.S. Navy officer who transforms into a criminal. Red surrenders to the FBI after running from then for Decades. He offers FBI ‘ The List of most dangerous criminals in the world’ in exchange of his safety from prosecution.

Audience will get to know more about true identity of red. Many of mysteries left unanswered will be solved in the season 8. We came to know the real reason of red coming into Liz’s life . We hope to see more of the storyline in season 8.

According to fans’ theories , Liz might be knowing that Maddy is her mother while Katrina is confused about who exactly Red is.