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Blacklist Season 7 Episode 11: Release Date, Storyline And What Was Happened In Episode 10

The new season of the blacklist is running hot as fans can’t wait for episode number 11. Blacklist is an American thriller that falls under the crime category. The series first came out on 23rd September 2013.

The television series as accumulated a lot of fans all over the world. The fans are always excited when a new season of the show comes out on the television. This is the 7th season of the crime series and it came out on 4th October 2019. The series is still running as it features James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington.

Red was an Officer at the U.S. Navy, but then he became a high profile criminal. He was able to escape and stay free from the government and the FBI but later surrendered voluntarily.

Release Date

After watching the last episode of the show fans can’t wait for the next episode. The 11th episode of season 7 is going to air on 20th March 2020. The title of the new episode is going to be “Victoria Fenberg”. The fans of the show are excited about this episode.


The series is filled with twists and turns regarding the story of the characters. This episode is going to be the same by containing at least one twist in the end. In the episode, you would see that Red takes the help of the task force to catch an art forger.

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This art forger was needed by Red as the forger has destroyed Red’s plan to sell stolen pieces. Besides that Aram’s love life is getting more complicated day by day. You would also get to see Ressler and Liz confiding with each other.

Recap of Episode 10

The title of episode 10 is “Katarina Rostova”. The episode came out on 13th December 2019. In the episode, we see that Red along with the task force goes to check on another Blacklister. In the meeting, we see that the meet up gets out of hand and in the end, Liz needs to make a tough decision.