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Blacklist Season 7 Episode 11 Release Date and All Plot Details Here You Can Check Here

Blacklist is a television series of America which is created by Jon Bokenamp. The series first released on 23 September 2013 on NBC.

The producer of the series is Anthony Sparks. The series had total 7 seasons yet and 143 episodes. The running time of the each episode is 43 minutes.

The creators announce the 7th season on March 11, 2019, and released it on the 4th of October in 2019. On the 20 of February 2020 the creators also announced the 8th season.

The series shows you the story of a Navy officer who turned himself in a criminal. He also surrenders himself to the FBI and also gives them the information about the very dangerous criminals. Every season of the series shows you different stories of these types.

About the season 7 of the blacklist!!

The 7th season of the blacklist was announced by the creators on the 11th of March in 2019 and released on the NBC on 4th of October in 2019. The production companies of the 7th season are Davis Entertainment, Sony pictures television, and Universal television. The executive producers of the series are John Davis, Jon Bokenamp, John Eisendrath, John Fox and Joe Carnahan. The 7th season has 10 episodes yet.

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What had happened in the previous episodes of season 7?

The series is about a man also knows as the blacklister, he uses disease as a weapon and the team has to find or investigate him.

The team finds out that he is going to attack next to the students of the hostel.

When the episode 11 of the season 7 of the blacklist is on aired?


The creators of the series had already announced the releasing date of the episode 11th of the season and that is the 20th of March in 2020. The wait is soon going to over.

What had happened in episode 10 of season 11?

The title of episode 11th is “Katarina Rostova” and it is released on the 13th of December in 2019. In this episode, you will see that Liz finds out that Reddington is hiding something of his true identity.

Expected plotline of episode 11 of the season 7

There is no expected plot is released by the creators but as we know episode 11 is continued from episode 10 of season 7.

The title of episode 11 is “Victoria Fenberg” and it is going to release on the 20th of March in 2020.