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Black Summer Season 2, When It Is Release, Plot, Cast and More

Black summer is a web television series of America, the genre of the series is apocalyptic fiction and drama.

This series is based on the zombie apocalypse. The first season of the series is released on the 11th of April in 2019 on Netflix.

The creators of the series are Karl Schaefer and John Hyams. The producer of the series is Jodi Binstock.

The first season of the series has 8 episodes in total and the running time of each episode of the series is 20-44 minutes.

The main character of the series in season 1st is Rose; the character of Rose is played by Jaime Kong. The creators of the series announce the 2nd season in November 2019.

What had happened in Black summer Season 1 of the series?

When the zombie attack started in the city everyone wants to save but Anna, the daughter of Rose is separated from her.

Rose wants her daughter back so she started her journey to find her daughter and she decided that she could not stop till she fined her daughter.

About Black summer season 2!!

After watching the performance of the first season of the series the creators of the series decided to renew it for the second season and they announce it in November 2019.

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When Black summer season 2 is going on air?

Well, there is no official date released by the creators or by the Netflix for season 2nd but according to some reports, the 2nd season filming may complete in January or February, so hoping that it will be released soon in 2020, this year.

What is going to happen in season 2 of the series black summer?

There is no plot released about season 2 but it confirms that the story of the series takes a turn in the second season because Rose gets his daughter back in season 2nd.

Who is going to be in the cast of black summer 2?

Jaime King, Justin Chu Cary, Christine Lee, Sal Velez Jr., Ty Olsson, Kelsey Flower, Zoe Marlett, and Gwynyth Walsh, there cast you can be expected to be back in season 2.

You may have also seen some new faces in the upcoming season.