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Black Summer Season 2: Release Date on Netflix, Arrival, Cast and All Details You Should Know

Another season of Black Summer is officially on the way. Its first season is available on Netflix right now. Black Summer is set in the ‘Z Nation’ universe if you wanted to know more. Read the article to find more information on Black Summer season 2.

What Will Be the Plot of Black Summer Season 2?

First, let me tell you more about the show. It is post-apocalyptic tv series available on Netflix. The creators of this show are Karl Schaefer and John Hyams.

The first season of this tv series had eight episodes. It released on 11th April, 2019. Now, there is a possibility of the second season having the same number of episodes.

During the first season, we saw Rose is separated from her only daughter. Anna goes on an adventure to find and return her daughter safely. Subsequently, she needs to be careful of the zombies and other dangers. She is now responsible of making critical decisions along her adventure.

Certainly, there is not much information revealed about the plot of second season. We know that this season is supposed to have an unexpected storyline and plot. We will see more action with the zombies.

When Is Black Summer Season 2 Releasing?

The production company announced that the second season of Black Summer will be available on Netflix. They did not really specify a release date for the new season.

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The shooting for the show was supposed to be completed around April this year. However, because of the ongoing pandemic, the production had to be stopped and postponed. We might expect the production to be completed this year itself. The season will be out next year most probably.

Who Will Be Returning in Black Summer Season 2?

Most of the cast will return. For example, Rose will be played by Jamie King again. John Hyams will return as the only showrunner of Black Summer. Spears will be played by Justin Chu Cary. Furthermore, Kyungsun will be played by Christian Lee.

Certainly, more people will return. We also might see some new faces in the upcoming season.

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