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Black Summer Season 2 Cast, Plot, and Netflix Release Date

Black Summer season 2 which is a zombie apocalypse show, its release was announced back in November 2019. The show since its release has attracted a lot of viewers on Netflix. There is a lot of discussion between the viewers that the show is a prequel to Z nation.

The discussion is because both the series is based on the same universe but these speculation has been continuously denied by its cast and they claimed that it has no connection between the Z nation.

Black Summer Season 2 Release Date:

The series has been created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams and will be released in the fall of 2020. Though its confirmed release date has still not been announced.

Status Of Production Of Black Summer Season 2:

Corona has affected the production of Black Summer Season 2 and its production has been halted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the good news is that manufacturing is expected to start again in April. The first season production started in in July and ended in September. The filming of the second season can be expected to end in July and we can expect the next season very soon.

Cast Of Black Summer Season 2:

Jaime King is confirmed to return as Rose. The Spears character played by Justin Chu Carry will also return in the new season. Christine Lee will return to play the role of Kyungsun who is in search of her mother. Also, many new faces can be expected in the new season, though it is not confirmed yet.

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About Its Story:

The series begins with Rose moving to the stadium with her family and military. The family is moving to the stadium because they feel it is the safest place to take shelter when one of the family members started feeling sick. After which Rose’s daughter is lost after which she will start the search for his daughter by taking the help of the stranger.

Another character is seen running from zombies which he survives or not will be answered in season 2. Jaime King added to the excitement by saying that “What I can tease is that whatever you think is gonna happen, will not happen. It will always keep you on your toes”.