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Black summer season 2 arrival date, cast and plot and what to expect

Black Summer is a series directed by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams.Black summer is a series having zombies and thrill in it.

Black summer will involve incredible artists in it.It’s all revolving around a mother who joined hands with a group of strangers(the group was having  some connections with Z nations). She wanted their help to find her lost daughter and her other family members.

The first season of the series was a hit ,with the question that will the series return  with its second season? So here is your answer:

Releasing date of black summer 2

It’s been confirmed by netflix that black season is going to be renewed for its next season. The second season may release in 2020.It’s been also confirmed that something different is going to happen from what the viewers are expecting from the second season.So  this will be a proper wastage of time in thinking about what’s going to happen in the upcoming  season of the series.

Casts of the Black summer 2

Major casts of the show are-

Jaime King (Rose) Justin Chu Cary( Spears) Christine Lee ( Kyun sun) and  John Hyams will be back too …and other casts will be revealed soon.

Plot of Black Summer

In the previous season Rose got reunited with her daughter ,but fans are demanding more action than emotional drama.Only Sun, Spears and Rose survived from the whole group.Spears’ whole motive was to help Rose in completing her journey.

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About the filming?

The  shoot for the part 2 will take place in Calgary, Canada again. And it will start from 6 th jan 2020 and may end on 4 th feb 2020.The Black Summer 2 is going to have 8 episodes in it.


Vallez was the only one who survived with motivation but rose had to shower some mercy to kill him,because she was slowing down and other survivors too ,as he was injured,and lance  is AWOL ,as he was running in a different direction from the group of zombies.There were chances for heavy tsunami in first season but it did not seen,chances for its being seen is probable in the subsequent season.

There were  rumors that the show may go in a different direction if the makers will link the season with  Z nation.,but the king has confirmed that the show has nothing to do with Z nations which were cancelled last year.

Stay tuned for more updates.