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Black Panther 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Upcoming News

“Black Panther”, The movie has been able to impress its audience with it’s an amazing action and story lineup. The visual effects and the box office business is somewhat jawbreaking and with all that, we can hope a second part of the movie.

It was at first came as a hoax but later on, Marvel director Kevin Feige has announced that in Phase Four of Marvel, They are definitely going to have a sequel for Black Panther. So, as this news has confirmed. Let’s try to take a good look at the whole thing.

Black Panther 2 Are We Going to Have a Sequel??

The movie has become one of the best Marvel movies with getting an Oscar nomination and Golden Globe nomination too. So, what can we expect in the upcoming sequel?

Ryan Coogler who was the director for the first part of the movie is going to bring the original cast for the second part as well. The upcoming sequel is going to be released on around May 6, 2022, which means song one thing and i.e. that they are taking their good sweet time.

The plot of the movie is not something we actually know about as the directory hasn’t talked about it but there are speculations that the upcoming character which is going to be against T’Challa is Namor or Princess Zanda who are looking forward to taking over Wakanda.

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Black Panther 2: How True Is the Hoax??

The whole thing is sounded more like a hoax but we can’t help to say that the Namor part could be true as Marvel was unable to bring Namor back which means that there could be a chance that the whole thing could be true.

The cast is somewhat going to remain the same and we don’t have any idea whether Killmonger is going to be returned for the second part of the sequel and most of it has been remained closed.

The trailer of the second part is not released but we will be getting that pretty soon as that is something which could come anytime.