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Black Clover Episode 133 Release Date and Streaming Details you need to know

Black Clover is a Japanese Anime TV series based on the manga that is written by Yuki Tabata. Produced by Masahiro Sugasawa, Maiko Isotani, and Naomi Komatsu it released on October 3, 2017, the anime series is a massive hit among all the anime lovers. If you’ve been following it since the beginning, then you must have updated yourself with episode 132 and awaiting the next one to release. 

Let’s get into all the further details:

When is Episode 133 going to release?

The anime series took to its official website to announce that episode 133 will be delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has shaken up the entire world. The anime is not releasing anytime soon; however it is just delayed for the time being. We’ll get further details in the coming days. 

Where to stream episode 133?

When the anime releases with some new footage, it would be available in the official sites AnimeLab, FUNimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu. We would encourage you to watch it legally on these official sites. 

Where could you catch up with the English version?

The English version of Black Clover Episode 133 can be watched on Funimation. If you prefer the original soundtrack with the English subtitles, then you could always visit Crunchyroll if you’re into that.

What happened in Episode 132?

The Lion Awakens starts with Mereoleona taking some members of the Black Bulls to the Ultime mountain to get them to training with her squad. Enroute Noelle discovers a giant spider. She was in trouble when the others come forward for her help. Before Mereoleona and Fuegoleon had arrived at the spot, the spider had already left. The ending shows us that they have discovered an underground dungeon in there. 

What might Episode 133 bring to us?

The story is most likely to continue from where it left. Astra and his team are going to sweep those dungeons, who knows they might find some rare items the way they did before. 

The anime is not going to return soon, but the curious fans can always try out the manga with is ten chapters ahead of the current storyline comparable to the episodes. Or you could rewatch and relive the entire series if you wish to do that, besides that’s a great way of passing the time in the lockdown.

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