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Black Clover Chapter 250 Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series. It is both written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It has a total of 23 volumes and has been published since 16 February 2015 in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. This manga series has also been adapted in an anime TV series produced by Pierrot and into an original video animation which was produced by Xebec Zwei. Both of them were released in Japan in the year 2017.

In this particular post, we will be witnessing most of the details about the newly released Black Clover Chapter 250. This post will also contain some spoilers about it, so stay tuned for it.

Black Clover: Release Date

Black Clover chapter 250 got released last weekend, Sunday, 17 May 2020 at 9:30 am PDT. The title is ‘Charmy vs. Harbeit’. They release new chapters once every week as it is a weekly updated thing. Its last chapter i.e., Chapter 249 got released seven days prior to this which was on 10 May 2020. The series has already received so much love and is one of the longest-running anime series. It will surely be full of excitement and chilling events that will lift up your mood and give you a pleasant and happening time of all while watching it.

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Black Clover: Spoiler Alert

It would be no extra for us to believe that this upcoming chapter is going to be more tumultuous than ever. Fans are speculating that this will feature Magna. Also, it will be entertaining to see how he fights with his opponents as he faced difficulties in learning array magic. As per the rumors and spoilers, Chapter 250 is going to focus on Charmy (who’s her human-dwarf hybrid) and Vanica’s disciples who actually is a female. Charmy will also be seen using her creation magic which was first shown in Elf Saga. Hu will be seen destroying the food of the Heart Kingdom and nature.

You can also read the digital copies from their official websites or apps as this will help the publishers and creators too. These official places are Shonen Jump online, Shonen Jump android app, and Shonen Jump IOS app.

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