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Black Adam: Cast, Release Date, Trailer and Plot Details

Dc fans are eagerly waiting for a new sequel in the line.In this season ,the anti-hero image will be Adam ,as its name suggests …it is the darkest and most powerful character in the whole DC universe.

Do We Have Any Trailer for Black Adam ?

Still we don’t have any teaser for the movie,nor any short clips and it seems that we need to wait a little longer for the movie.Since no preparation has been started for the same.

About the Release Date of Black Adam:

Dwayne Johnson has written about the release date of black summer on instagram .He said that the movie will hit the screen on 22 december,2021. It’s production was scheduled in July ,but it may be extended due to the epidemic coronavirus.

Script writer-Adam Sztykiel

Creator-Otto Binder and C.C Beck for dc comics

Director -Jaume Collet-Serra.

Casts in Black Adam:

 Dwayne Johnson, will appear in Black Adam. Still we have no confirmation regarding the cast of the film .Other casts for the movie will be revealed soon as soon as the production begins.

Everyone is still suspecting that how black Adam is related to Shazam.

So Here Is the Answer:

Shazam is a short form of the powerful god who is responsible for giving the powers to captain marvel.

But black Adam uses his power for the he is going to give a tough competition to captain marvel.

Black Adam: Storyline

We are going to see all the anti-hero in a single movie which is all about black Adam .black Adam is supposed to be a golden part of the DC world comics.

Black Adam is considered to be the most destructive of all the heroes of the DC world.

In the beginning ,he was an evil man but soon he will turn his path to the right way,he will make few changes inside him.

Stay tuned for more updates

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