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Birds of Prey 2 Movie Details, Plot, Where Did It Go Wrong?

Birds of Prey 2 Movie Details
Birds of Prey 2 Movie Details

Hey guys, if you like superhero-based movies here, it is the good news for you read this article till the end.

This week is going to be the biggest and happiest one, especially for the DC fanatics. Even though Birds of Prey met an unfortunate end in the box office.

The best movie so far from the house, Joker (2019) bagged the international academy awards.

When debates are going over the sequel of birds of prey a peculiar thing to be noted about the DC Universe is they are like the phoenix bird, who rise from their own ashes.

Soon after the disastrous result of Birds of Prey in all the worldwide screens, an official poster of Batman (2021) went trending all over social media.

Birds of Prey (2020) Movie

Birds of prey made its theatrical entry on Feb 7 and met an unlikely closure both at the box office and in the hearts of fans.

Margot Robbie leading the wild girlies gang as the popular Harley Quinn, A psychiatrist turned to be a criminal, Joker’s Girlfriend and was also featured as a hero in suicide squad.

The movie was directed by Cathy Yan which grossed around $95 million falling short of the total budget.

Birds of Prey (2020) Storyline

The movie follows up the storyline where the suicide squad left off. Joker is seen breaking up with Harley Quinn and abandoning her in the streets.

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The rest of the story is taken over by A wild Harley Quinn and a bunch of similar females in Gotham City with a lot of action and more action.

Where Did It Go Wrong?

Birds Of Prey 2
Birds Of Prey 2

Even though Birds of Prey received mixed reviews where the action and casting were the positive highlights of the movie.

The screenplay was trash and the script too wasn’t much an appreciable one. The film thus failed to break even in the box office.

Or will it be another Snyder cut? The credit scenes of the Birds of Prey does have an extended audio clip playing dropping a strong hint towards a sequel.

Right at this stage, facing a huge loss, the makers shouldn’t even think of a sequel without having a strong script in hand.

We wish the girlies gang could do better if there’s gonna be a sequel supported by a really strong script and background work.

Final Words

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