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Billy Gardell Is Back to Refresh the Cast of ’Raiders of the Lost Ark’

Steven Spielberg is truly a pioneer in science fiction films. His vision and his incredible knowledge in technology and camera are well revered. Spielberg has been involved in some of the most ambitious projects Hollywood has ever seen. Most of his movies have attained cult status for the kind of making style employed in them. Notable mentions should be Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, etc. Over the years many movies have been inspired by the scenes shown in the above-mentioned films.
Among his most creative works is Indiana Jones Raiders of the lost ark. Recently some movies like Mission Impossible Last Crusade and Titanic are being shown on CBS Network. This is part of a great initiative to show science fiction movies every Sunday.

What did Billy Gardell do?

Actor and Comedian Billy Gardell did a hilarious spoof of a scene from the Raiders of the Lost Ark. He then posted this video on the official channel of CBS. The video was extremely hilarious and became viral within minutes. In there we can see Paul dressed as Indiana Jones. Wearing his hat and carrying the leather bag he ventures into a cave. Video is shot in his kitchen. After slowly progressing towards his kitchen, he grabs hold of a roll of toilet paper on the kitchen tiles. This is synonymous with a scene where Jones gets to know about the treasure hiding in the cave.

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What is the most hilarious moment in the video?

This 1 minute 32 seconds video then sees the funniest part. Billy is seen running down the stairs with a big green ball following him. That scene in the original movie is of Indiana running from a boulder that collapsed. Then Paul goes outside the house and starts screaming to get in the truck. In the movie, however, there was an airplane in the place of the truck. The video has its own share of roll on the floor and smile moments.

What was the reaction?

The video was shared and reshared a lot of times. Many people logged into the official channel to get a glimpse of this short clip. Finding it very funny and interesting, people started sharing it on social media. The entire episode has added a fresh outlook to this 1981 classic.