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Billy Bob Thornton Net Worth 2020 All You Need to Know

Billy Bob Thornton is a popular name in Hollywood. He is an American professional actor, producer, songwriter, singer, and writer. This multi-talented genius got his breakthrough in the movie One False Move. He received an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for the movie Sling Blade in which he stared in. The movie was also written and directed by him as well.

Billy Bob Thornton Career

Billy started his acting career early in his childhood. He dropped out of university and choose to follow his passion. While starting his career as an artist he worked as a waiter to make the ends meet. While being a waiter he once served Billy Wilder whose advice to become a writer changed his life forever.

The first major movie that he did was One False Move which was liked by both the critic and fans which led him to stardom. After the huge success of which, he was offered numerous other projects. The Sling Blade was the most significant movie in his career which made the people aware of his talent. Some of his successful movies include Monster’s Ball (2001), The Man Who Wasn’t There (2001), and Friday Night Lights (2004), Bandits (2001), Eagle Eye (2008) and many more. He was also a part of the popular TV series, Fargo which led him to win a Golden Globes. He is the protagonist of the series named Goliath.

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His Net Worth

The net worth of Billy Thornton is estimated to be around $40 million. His major source of income is from acting in movies. He has tons of successful movies to his name. Apart from that, he is an experienced director and writer as well, which adds to his multi-million dollar fortunes. He is also a musician who used to sing and release studio albums. The sales of those albums are another profitable source. He is one of the most successful celebrities in Hollywood alive today.

Billy Bob Thornton Awards & Achievements

He has an Oscar to his name for the Best Adapted Screenplay category in the movie Sling Blade. He won the Golden Globe for Best Actor twice. The first being for Fargo in 2015 and the second one for Goliath inn 2017. He won the critics’ choice awards twice. He has been awarded 27 awards in his successful career till now.