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Billie Joe Armstrong Net Worth 2020 and All Details You Need to Know is Here

A man with a mixture of talents blended in him- he has numerous roles to play- whether it be record producer, singer, actor, musician or a songwriter. He is none other than Billie Joe Armstrong. He is also known as Wilhelm Fink. His music career had earned him much respect, and he formed the band The Coverups in the year 2018 in collaboration with Dirnt and Green Day. His band achieved various recognitions and awards.

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Billie Joe Armstrong Early Life

Billie Joe was born in California in the year 1932. He attended Hillcrest Elementary School, Carquinez Middle School and John Swett High School. He had his interest in music since childhood, and then he decided to continue with it as his passion. He dropped out to continue his music career in the year 1990. His major musical influences included Husker Du, The Replacements and Minneapolis. He was introduced to this genre by his brother and be developed an interest in Punk Rock.

Billie Joe Armstrong Professional Career

He formed a band in collaboration with Dirnt in the year 1987, which later on developed as a three-piece band. Later in the year 1994, the band which was renamed as Green Play reached heights and sold almost more than 60 million records all over the world. His further albums included Nimrod, Insomniac, Warning.

In the year 2004, the band had made its debut in their first rock opera- American Idiot, which had sold more than 15,000,000 records globally. Further his, American Idiot won Tony Awards. Later on, he collaborated in the formation of The Wack Album with The Lonely Groups.

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His Personal Life

Billie Armstrong had faced some of the very successful business ventures. He opened a guitar shop in his hometown, California, named Broken Guitars, after which he began a coffee company that sold organic coffee beans. It is believed that he is bisexual, which he himself revealed in an article of Rolling Stone. He was married to Adrienne Armstrong in the year 1994. The couple had children, namely-Jakob Danger and Joseph Marciano Armstrong.

His Net Worth

His career had reached heights and his net worth is estimated to be 55 million dollars.

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