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Big Little Lies Season 3 Cast, Plot and Expected Release Date

We are all once again excited for season 3! This show from HBO had been running rumors and controversies around the industry. However, fans are expecting more from season 3 as season 2 was not up to the mark considering season 1. 

The season two finale had an entire 1.98 million viewers during its inaugural sessions. It climbed up to 3.1 Million viewers later. 

But is it really back with its renewal? Are there any official reports or announcements? With all the stars leading along separate lanes, let’s find out. 

Big Little Lies Season 3: Cast

The director emphasized how talented the leading roles are and what could they actually do when combined. 

This time too, it’s Nicole Kidman, everyone! She is definitely interested in season three. But she has put up a condition how she wants the rest of the cast including the kids to be there too. At least that’s what she told to News Corp Australia. 

This means we might be getting everyone back! But that could be troublesome with the schedule. The cast starring in other shows too could get into a time regulation issue. 

Here’s a List of the Cast

  1. Reese Witherspoon as Madeline
  2. Laura Dern as Renata
  3. Zoë Kravitz as Bonnie
  4. Shailene Woodley as Jane
  5. James Tupper as Nathan
  6. Darby Camp as Chloe
  7. Ivy George as Amabella
  8. Adam Scott as Ed
  9. Jeffrey Nodling as Gordon
  10. Iain Armitage as Ziggy
  11. Kathryn Newton as Abigail
  12. Cameron Crovetti as Josh
  13. Nicholas Crovetti as Max
  14. Chloe Coleman as Skye
  15. Robin Weigert as therapist Dr. Amanda Reisman
  16. Douglas Smith as Corey

Reese Witherspoon also expressed how much she wants Jennifer Aniston to join them as well. They have budded since working together in the set of friends.

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Big Little Lies Season 3: Plot

Season one and two gave us a total of seven episodes per season. This might follow the same. 

The show follows the novel of Liane Moriarty named the same. So we cannot make a rough wild guess. However, season two ended up in the police station with all those assumed confessions by Bonnie. 

Big Little Lies Season 2: Release Date

Season 1 was released back in February 2017 and season two by june 2019. We are not sure about season 3 at the moment. 

The production crew has expressed how grateful they would feel to be working together. They love spending time with friends on the set. 

Casey Bloys, president of HBO, had reported how season 1 or 2 should have wrapped the show-up. And that it was supposed to have a nice and satisfying ending. 

But fans aren’t just done with the show. So if the writers are actually willing, then we might get another one too. With the difficulty being the cast having other platforms to deal with. 

Also, the soundtrack of Big little lies is available from Spotify to Apple Music.