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Better Call Saul Season 5 To be back on Netflix in February

Saul Goodman is back with season 5 of Better call Saul. The crime drama set in 6 years before Breaking Bad events is going to be on air in this February with it’s 5th season.

Vince Gilligan who previously made Breaking Bad is co creator of the Better Call Sauk with Peter Gould

Jimmy McGill is the centre of attraction of the show who is small time lawyer. With always being overpowered by his elder brother Chuck in his father’s company, Jimmy starts his own legitimate law practice with his girlfriend Kim.

The story revolves around Jimmy evolving into a con man Saul Goodman who gets introduced to the criminal world by drug dealing.

How many seasons of Better Call Saul ?

It is said that the series will have six seasons. On February 8,2015, the first
First season aired on February 8,2015
While last episode of last season aired on 8 October,2018

Fifth season is going to start on 23rd February,2020. On Mondays ,Each episode will release weekly.

Though the sixth season has been fixed , we won’t be able to see it till sometime in 2021.

Plot of season 5

We will be getting closer to the Breaking Bad timeline. Finally we will see Jimmy become Saul Goodman as in the last episode of season 4 , Jimmy choose his professional name as Saul Goodman. Also the new teaser shows that Jimmy has become a Criminal Lawyer , who meets Walter White in Breaking Bad.

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Saul Goodman aka Jimmy McGill aka Gene Takavic is played by Bob Odenkirk.
Mike Ehrmantraut , the police officer is played by Jonathan Banks. Rhea Seehorn played the role of Jimmy’s girlfriend, Kim Wexler and Michael McKean plays Jimmy’s elder brother, Chuck McGill.