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Better Call Saul Season 5 Here Is the Hidden Update From the Last Episode

‘Better Call Saul’ is a legal, crime drama series premiered on 8th February 2015. The series is a spinoff of creator Vince Gilligan’s previous crime series Braking bad. It is rated as one of the most liked and awarded show across the globe. Till now they have telecasted five seasons and season six is on its way according to reports they are going to telecast it probably in 2021 and till then fans have to hold their breaths for some time.

Things we missed to notice in Better Call Saul Season 5

Symbolism and references are something which we quite often missed when we watch a series or a movie and ‘Better Call Saul’ season 5 had given us a lot of symbolic reference which we might have missed and surely if we follow it our interest for the series will increase.

Starting with The Parking Garage Symbolizes Dante’s Hell:  If you notice cautiously you will find that how beautifully ‘Better Call Saul’ had taken reference from a very beautiful piece of literature written by Dante Alighieri name ‘Inferno’ where he divided the world into various sections and each section hold a different sin for example level one is for those who are not Baptized and anti- Christians similarly level two includes lustful the fourth is occupied by the greedy, fifth is for those who have committed sin out of anger and like this each level had its own sins.

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As the show progresses we saw an interesting thing which we might have missed while watching the show and probably if we follow the poem’s reference you can easily notice it. So basically we saw both Kevin and Jimmy meeting in a parking garage however as already mentioned above it was not just a garage it holds a very deep meaning.

We saw that they were heading for the meeting and interestingly two men were meeting at level 8 and if we go according to Dante’s poem circle 8 or level 8 is for fraudsters and it somehow make sense by noticing Jimmy’s behavior. However other episodes are yet to come and fans can actually hope for more Easter eggs in coming episodes.