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Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 3: What To Expect Now

The fifth installment of the highly acclaimed television series Better Call Saul dropped in recently and it’s receiving a highly positive response among the fans and audience.

Episode 3 if season 5 shows the return of two characters that are going to move the story forward for the next time being on the show.

The show has lost some noticeable number of fans and audiences due to its slow-paced script and unnecessarily stretching the story forward.

The role of these Characters and will they be able to get this show back on track for its fans and audience and especially for the makers?

Let’s find out

Better Call Saul – An Overview

This is where it all started, Breaking Bad, No 1 show in the history of television so far forms the plot and introduces Saul Goodman to the world.

Better Call Saul, being a spin-off to the world’s best TV show was a highly anticipated and awaited one right from the beginning.

The creative hands of Vince Gilligan who worked behind Breaking Bad also made Better Call Saul and thus the show was a huge hit and didn’t disappoint the audience from the beginning.

Better Call Saul: The Plot and Cast

Jimmy Mchill, a con man and his transformation into a legal advisor and a renowned criminal lawyer forms the plot of Better Call Saul.

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Saul Goodman and his persuasive skills lead him to the drug mafia, underworld and mob bosses.

From money laundering to having a hand in their dirty businesses, Saul owned it all. Jimmy Mchill or Saul Goodman is played by Bob Odenkirk, in the lead.

Mike Ehrmantraut is played by Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seahorn in the role of Kim Wexler and Patrick Fabian as Howard Hamlin in the lead support cast.

Better Call Saul: What Happened in Episode 3 of Season 5

Episode three of the latest season 5 titled, ‘The guy for this’ shows the reappearance of two Characters, DEA agents Hanks Schrader and Steve Gomez.

The episode traces the revival of these two characters along with a bunch of emotional sequences.

A lot of relationships are being discussed here, the revival of them seems necessary to keep the show running.

It goes with the timeline, it appeared different and quite a surprise for the fans. This fuel might be enough to keep the show on track and no spoilers.