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Best Netflix web series to watch this February

February, being the month of valentine’s day , many would be busy doing all the romantic things with their partners *wink* . But for all those couples who aren’t fan of romantic dates and of course all the singles out there , Netflix has come up with one great series to binge watch on.

On February 7th, Netflix released the web series ‘Locke and key’. The series is based on the fiction graphic novel by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Carlton Cuse, Meredith Averhill and Aron Eli Coleite has developed the series for Netflix.

Netflix had announced the series in December 2019. The official trailer had been released on 8th January, 2020.

What is ‘Locke and Key’ about ?

American horror drama Series based on the comic novel of same name , revolves around the Locke family. When the father who was a counselor and a guide gets killed by one of his own student, three siblings move into the house they inherited with their mom. After moving into the old house, the siblings find out that the house has the keys with magical powers. Every key has one designated magical property that can be used against the evil. Along with the keys , there is a dangerous evil roaming around the house in search of the keys for it,s own purposes.

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Reasons to watch the shows

Every horror story which revolves around ‘moving into old mansions’ consists of a bog old house possessed with a demon and new resident’s struggle to get rid of it. Locke and Key has something different to offer, the suspense is intriguing and keeps audience locked to the screen.
The series has 10 episodes in it’s first season , each of them is curated with a various interesting plot twists and turns. The series has achieved to close the suspense to the audiences’ satisfaction till the end of it but has also managed to keep a room for suspense for new plot. So we can expect the season two soon.

Also we hear they have started writing for the season two but that is not official yet.

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