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Best April Fools day Pranks for kids you will definitely love

As you are stuck in your home with your family in this lockdown period and are worried about coronavirus spread here is something you can do to lighten your mood. As the month of April has arrived and April is known for its fun of April fool. Here is some April fool prank that you can do with your kids that can make your kids happy.

  1. When children get up in the morning and they come to the kitchen for breakfast then instead of pancakes and toast serve them with broccoli or other despised vegetables. When they protest or argue play dum. Then after sometime reveal your prank in front of them.
  2. Change their paste with a tube of tomato or garlic paste.
  3. Swap their underwear in the drawer with some adult underwear and when they open the drawer it will get the biggest laugh.
  4. Get chips to pack from the market and then open it and replace the chips with carrot chips, cucumber slices, or pepper strips and then again seal the packet with tape you kids will be surprised to open the packet.
  5.  Bring toilet paper, tissues or cotton balls from the market and fill them inside the shoes of your kid they will be surprised why are the shoes not fitting
  6.  Get some dye pellet and use electrical tape to put it inside your child bathroom tap they will be surprised to see the watercolour changing.
  7. You could act like it is your child’s birthday and put some banner wishing them happy birthday. This would make them completely surprised.
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